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Sea Is Calling !

24th May 2019

I always admired the sea, its beautiful crawling waves, the light foam, the sparkles on the sand and this deep blue color. This led me to search for jewels inspired by the ocean and its wonders: Coral, seaweed, pearls and wonderful fishes immerse us in a fascinating water environment. The following niche jewelers succeed to translate this element’s beauty into dazzling creations.

This Italian jeweler is defined by its daring creativity in nature’s inspiration. Palmiero likes to set its jewels with colorful gemstones pavé, expressing the various hues and creating a movement effect. These wave rings are composed of gradient blue sapphires, diamonds and pearls, which perfectly imitate the white foam of the sea. I found these rings to be poetic and transporting, delicate yet powerful. Palmiero also received a prize for its Underwater Collection.

Palmiero Wave Rings. Sapphires  Tsavorites, Diamonds, Pearls & White Gold. 

The below ring is among my Mikimoto favorites: a perfect balance between colors, texture, volume and sparkles. The two Sea South golden pearls are beautifully set on a coral shape mounting. The blue sapphires and diamonds are shining at the tip of the platinum branches that protect the baroque pearls. It seems that the creation is in movement, gently dancing with the sea flow.
When it comes to pearl, I cannot omit to mention the fabulous collections of Mikimoto. The brand is a specialist in the business since 1893 and is known for first introducing the cultured pearls for jewellery. Extraordinary elegant and timeless, Mikimoto creations take its inspiration in nature such as the ocean, with delicate design and refined details.

ring mikimoto.jpg
mikimoto ring pearl.jpg

Mikimoto Coral Ring. Pearl, Sapphires, Diamonds & Platinum.

A jeweler and nature’s lover, Neha Dani’s creations perfectly fits in the ocean environment. The corals are reinterpreted into delicate and colorful branches set by diamonds and pearls. This blue set translates the finesse and elegance of Neha Dani’s creativity. The color is due to the rhodium used, which enhanced the luster and gives a smooth and shiny finish. This material is extremely precious and resistant to corrosion, which makes it a great fit for jewelry. Learn more about Neha Dani Jewelry.

Neha Dani Coral Collections. Blue Rhodium, Sapphires & Diamonds. 

Kavant & Sharart are expert in creating movement in their jewels. The curves and smooth lines of their creations translate the rhythm of the waves and the swirly shells. Various materials are used such as sapphires, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, abalone, which gives luster and brilliance to the set. The contrast of texture and color emphasizes the volume and shapes of the jewels. 

Since its launch in 2004, Kavant & Sharart have been recognized in many international magazines, and their creations have been worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lily Collins and Katy Perry.

Kavant & Sharart Wave & Shell Collection.

Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Sapphire, Diamond & White Gold.

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