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Poetic Flowers by Neha Dani

11th November 2021

After graduating from GIA, Neha Dani gained recognition for her craftsmanship and distinctive creativity through art fairs and exhibitions such as PAD. Thanks to her gem passion and love for beauty, the talented Indian jeweller celebrates Flora with a range of precious stones and complex jewellery techniques.

Neha Dani jewellery is a balance of delicate creativity and unconventional materials. Femininity, nature and floating flowers are keys to her poetic designs. The fragility of her unique creations is translated in the extremely detailed elements: paved settings, tiny curves and lace mounting; all achieved through wax carving, an old technique that requires a specific expertise.

Glacier Cuff, Neha Dani Moonstone wax carving

Neha Dani working on the Glacier Cuff.

I admire her gift for creating such movement in her jewels, like the wind blowing in the leaves and the waves slowly moving the anemones tentacles. Flower is her expertise, each petal has its own flow, embracing the fingers, arms or neck of the wearer. It is also an art to create this gradient hues effect with gemstones: shades of yellow diamonds or a nuance of blue sapphires. It is just a perfect representation of nature with its ephemerality, curious shapes and glowing colors.

Neha Dani Jewellery Collections. Legends on pictures. 

On the other hand, her choice of materials contrasts with her designs. The use of colorful rhodium and titanium as mounting, as well as embellishments, brings modernity to her jewels. This strong material creates structure, light and power which balances with the soft and delicate designs.

Furthermore, Neha Dani creates very intriguing pieces integrating moonstones. The set is a refined balance of sparkling diamonds and translucent stones referring to the glacier inspiration. The iridescence and the geometrical structure of the pieces captivate the eye and send us in the icy and peaceful mountains. I find the moonstone to bring a very soothing effect to these strong creations.

Neha Dani Glacier Set. Moonstones, Diamonds & White Gold.

The corals and sea anemones are also very exploited in her collections. Their mysterious tentacles are sometimes blue, green or purple, paved with diamonds, sapphires or tsavorites. The use of pearls emphasizes the sea world spirit of Neha Dani and gives additional luster to the creation. These mesmerizing pieces are equal to art works, some even looks like pointillism gemstone paintings. 

Nehad Dani Jewellery. 

Neha Dani currently presents a set of one bracelet and earrings at the Sotheby’s sales in New York. Until 24th May, her jewels will be exhibited among creations of Oscar Heyman, Cartier, Chanel, Bucellati and many more.


The exceptional Amarante bracelet is composed of 18 flowers made of 12000 pink diamonds, totaling more than 70 carats. In Bloom: A Selling Exhibition of Floral Jewels, is gathering 73 masterpieces relevant to nature beauty (lot 45-46).

The Brassica earrings present articulated petals made of diamonds. The pendants are detachable as well which adds versatility to the creation. The artist jeweller also focuses on the meaning of her pieces, often links them to our path in life. Her flowers are symbols of perseverance and hope.

Amarante Bracelet & Brassica Earrings. Pink Diamonds, White & Yellow Gold, Neha Dani.

Wishing lots of success to Neha Dani and her inspiring jewelry!

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