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Creations Hunting.


You wish to treasure a new piece of jewellery, we are here to select the most suitable creations according to your taste and criteria. We search for you the best options among a wide variety of jewellers in Europe.


You are looking for a very personal creation, or the perfect engagement ring? Our designers and craftsmen can translate your ideas into your next exclusive piece of jewellery.

We source for you that emotional stone which will follow you for life.

You may find here a guide to the diamond's 4Cs.

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If you're a collector or a passionate of antique jewels, we can find for you Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mid-Century pieces from our expert retailers. 

We work with reliable and established partners which insure the authenticity of each product.

Guest Speaker.


We love to share our passion! We deliver tailored conferences and talks on the fine jewellery world.

We focus on the creation process, including the sourcing and selection of stones, the design and the craftsmanship.

We also cover business topics such as the shares of the main players in the high jewellery industry and their marketing strategy. We analyze the DNA and codes of the most prestigious Maisons together with their brand image. 

For an immersion in the creativity of the XXth century, we speak about the most influential jewellery movements and their iconic designers. 

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