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Meet The Stalker

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I plead guilty: I am The Jewellery Stalker.

This passion for gemstones and sparkling pieces started in my childhood as I was surrounded by jewellery and developped a strong sensibility for craftsmanship and creativity.


After completing a bachelor and master in luxury business and achieving a GIA program, I have worked several years for Cartier in the Fine and High Jewellery Department. My love for this sector led me to become independent and I am now glad to offer my own services as

Jewellery Consultant.

I am regularly travelling to discover new born jewellery and outstanding creations to promote on my Instagram account. I am also leading conferences on the dynamics of the fine jewellery business to various audiences in Europe. 

After living in seven countries, including France, UAE, Switzerland, Italy and UK,
I am now based in London and Geneva, and happy to communicate in English, French or Italian.


I look forward to meeting your highest requirements.

Eline Ewbank
The Jewellery Stalker

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