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Serpenti Seduttori:

The Shape of a New Icon

27th January 2020

Discovered at Baselworld 2019, the Serpenti Seduttori watch surprised by its elegant yet powerful style.

The snake, symbol of rebirth, temptation and sensuality, has been the strongest icon of Bulgari for the past 80 years. Originally adorning secret watches and jewelry bracelets, the reptile has been lucky enough to be worn by highly influent women such as Elizabeth Taylor, but also Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore more recently.

This new Bulgari watch signature comes with modernity, a thin case with a very distinctive shape representing the snake’s head: half-oval, half-triangular. The bracelet, in addition to be extremely supple which makes the timepiece easy and comfortable to wear every day, is also intriguing for its pattern: the hexagonal shiny links are perfectly embodying the glossy scales. Serpenti Seduttori is a watch that can fit to any occasions, balanced by elegant and simple lines; it is a versatile timepiece just as the snake changes its skin.


Serpenti Seduttori, Bulgari.

Bulgari always bets on visibility, which explains the double launching events in London and Shanghai, in September 2019. As usual, celebrities, such as brand ambassador Lily Aldridge, were omnipresent to celebrate this new watch in a glamorous and festive way.

The Italian jeweler communicated massively on Serpenti Seduttori, especially through Instagram with a serie of shots with supermodel Lily Aldridge, singer Ellie Goulding and actress Laura Harrier. Additionally, several ads were published projecting the watch in a gold and sandy environment recalling the preciosity and jewelry style of the piece.

Serpenti Seduttori, Bulgari

The model is available in several versions in steel, pink, white or yellow gold, also paved with diamonds. Furthermore, less than a year after its first appearance, the Seduttori mania hits again with 3 new versions unveiled at the LVMH watch week in Dubai, this January 2020. This time, Bulgari pushes the limits with a manual winding movement together with an extremely flat tourbillon integrated in the dial. With a full paved case, choice remains in the strap whether it is an alligator leather or a 588 diamonds set bracelet. The crown is highlighted by a cabochon-cut sapphire, or ruby depending on the model, that fits the hands’ color.

The making of Serpenti Seduttori, Bulgari. 

Desired for its eternal sensuality, Serpenti is just at the beginning of its success.

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