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Rose Dior Collection

3rd June 2020

Roses are precious to Dior history and creativity. Being the favorite flower of Mr Christian Dior, the rose inspired the creator and its successors in various fields. Haute Couture, Shoe Making, Fragrance, Jewelry, Tableware; The rose becomes a lifestyle.

Symbol of love, passion and innocence, rose is considered to be the queen of flowers. A poetic and high rank which suits Dior’s feminine identity and international recognition.

The elegance and delicacy of the flower is translated thanks to the meticulous work of Dior’s craftsmen and the precious materials used in all product categories.

rose campaign bagatelle.jpg

Rose Dior Bagatelle & Rose Pré Catelan Jewels

Unveiled in 2000, Rose Dior Bagatelle is one the first collections of Dior Joaillerie. Designed by Victoire de Castellane, Jewellery Creative Director since then, the feminine jewels translate the delicate flower in a very true and figurative way.

The French designer particularly emphasizes the representation of the stems, leaves as well as the thorns, and not only the petals, to honour the flower in its entirety. The rose if brought to life with its sparkling layers of petals made of brilliant diamonds. The white gold mounting is carved and slightly scracthed in order to reproduce the details of the petals.

Some jewels also present small pink sapphires and tsavorites, or yellow diamonds and emeralds, that bring some colors and add relief. For high end pieces, the heart of the rose can present a center stone such as a pear cut diamond.

The name of the collection «Bagatelle» comes from the botanical garden and park situated at the border with Paris. De Castellane also highlights that she found in the archives a dress made by Christian Dior that also wore the name of Bagatelle.


Following this line, Dior launched in 2010, Bois de Rose, which only features the steam of the flower. The tortuous and asymetric jewels exist in full pink or white gold, or paved with diamonds, which target all customers (starting price 850€ for the plain gold ring).

Rose Dior Bagatelle Collection, Dior Joaillerie. Legends on pictures. 

In 2011, Dior launches a high jewellery collection: Bal des Roses. Victoire de Castellane wanted to represent the flowers as if they were dancing, a metaphor of women. The French designer translated the dresses’ movement with the curvy and carved petals, each of them are unique and spread on their own way. The roses are dressed with colorful precious and hard stones and are sprinkled of diamonds. The voluminous jewels are composed of rubies, sapphires, chalcedony, spinels, opals, chrysoprase and emeralds. There is a contrast of opacity and sparkles between fine and precious stones which refer to the Haute Couture textile and materials. Bal des Roses was composed of 12 unique figurative pieces that were all sold in the following days of the launch.

Bal des Roses Collection, Dior Joaillerie, 2011. 

In 2014, Rose Pré Catelan new collection is unveiled. Dior Joaillerie highlights a new savoir-faire: stones’ carving. Indeed, six fine stones are selected to recreate the petals of the rose: pink quartz, amethyst, white and red coral, chalcedony and onyx. Some of the gems are opaque, while others are transparent to translucent. Some jewels also shine brighter with a few diamonds spread on the carved petals. Mounting is made of yellow, pink or white gold, depending on the center fine stone.

As always, non-conformity and poetry are leading Victoire de Castellane’s creativity. In addition to the stem Bois de Rose ring design, a little bee is making an appearance adorning the petals of the roses.

Rose Pré Catelan also includes an accessible range of jewels without carved flowers, only presenting a leave and a bee. The asymetry and open rings design are trendy and very appreciated by millenials which support the success of the collection.

Rose Pré Catelan Jewels, Dior Joaillerie, 2014. Legends on pictures.

Rose Dior Pop is unveiled in 2019. The roses take an art look with their colorful and mat petals made of lacquer. Two versions are launched:
1. HJ: The heart of the flower is composed of a center stone matching the color of the petals. The side of the petals and the mounting is partially paved with diamonds. Dior selects beautiful gems such as Paraiba tourmaline, ruby, purple sapphire.

2. FJ: The heart is represented by tiny brilliant stones that create the pistils: emeralds, spinels, garnets, pink and blue sapphires, and diamonds. Price of a FJ ring: 23k€


This collection is fun and playful, it targets young customers with extravagant tastes looking for jewels that stand out. It is very representative of Victoire de Castellane’s mindset and creative spirit.

The energetic flowers are blooming between the fingers, the rose seems to be crystallized for a forever lasting life.