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Falling From The Rainbow

1st  March 2019

I love colors, pastel or flashy, they give me joy and I enjoy looking at their contrasts. Colors make life enjoyable, they also translate feelings and emotions, and they have true symbolism. I love to see their associations, I believe each color has a personality which is definitely amplified when referring to a stone. 

The following watches are giving tribute to colors and definitely embody positivity and energy.  

Picaddily Renaissance Ballerina Rainbow Watch by Backes & Strauss

Such a long name to describe a multicolor watch covered by brilliant cut stones. 136 white diamonds and 1068 colored sapphires are mingling to offer harmonious purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue hues. These colors are rather pastel which makes it easier to wear the watch. The white gold watch is powered by a mechanical movement which adds to its value.


Picaddily Renaissance Ballerina Rainbow Watch, Backes & Strauss.

Imperiale Rainbow Watch by Chopard

Appearing for the first time at the Baselworld 2016, the Imperiale Rainbow Watch by Chopard is a tribute to colors.
More than 1000 hours of work were required to create this masterpiece. The complexity remains in the 581 sapphires’ selection and in the gradual spectrum’s hues that perfectly represents the rainbow radiance.  

The array of colorful sapphires reach a total of 47.98 carats, which hide the Chopard Calibre 01.03-c that powers the pink gold timepiece. If you want to shine bright like a sapphire (let’s forget about diamond this time), this is your chance! You will still have to consider spending about 600K€ for this fantasy.

Imperiale Rainbow Watch, Chopard. 

Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow & Arlequino Watch by Jacob & Co

If you’re looking for something a bit more accessible, you might consider the Brilliant Rainbow timepiece of Jacob & Co. With a white leather strap, only the dial is set of colored sapphires. The 238 baguette cut gemstones weight more than 16 carats, and are set on an invisible structure that gives a floating illusion. Just like Chopard, the dial is a perfect color spectrum, the difference is the quartz movement. Only 18 editions have been produced so you may need to rush! Check out the Brilliant Arlequino version too, it features a tourbillon in addition.


Brilliant Full Baguette Rainbow & Arlequino Watch, Jacob & Co.

The Majestueuse Opal Timepiece by Dior
Related to my previous article on opal watches, I would like to emphasize the beautiful work of Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie. Composed of a magnificent black opal, emeralds, tsavorites garnets, amethysts and rubies, The Majestueuse Opal Timepiece is sparkling with all its colors. The various cuts and shapes gives energy and power to this masterpiece. The sliding opal reveals a secret watch with a diamonds full pavé dial. This is magic.

Dior et D'Opales, Majestueuse Opal Timepiece, Dior.

The Graff Hallucination Watch by Graff Diamonds
Shall we keep the best for the end? Graff is always here to impress everyone with its diamonds’ obsession and nothing is too extravagant. Unveiled in 2014 at Baselworld, the Hallucination watch is only made of natural colored diamonds and it still the world most expensive timepiece. For $55 millions, you get 110 carats of all kind of Fancy Diamonds, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, they are all there. All gemstones are cut in various shapes: marquise, princess, oval, brilliant, emerald and pear; which reveals a high complexity in setting each stone to have an harmonious creation.  Laurence Graff, Graff Diamonds’ CEO, explains: “The Graff Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece, a celebration of the miracle of colored diamonds.”

But for this slightly expensive price tag, you only get a quartz movement for the tiny little dial at the center, well you can’t have everything!

hallucination watch graff.jpg

The Graff Hallucination Watch.

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