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Modern Chains for Modern Women

22nd May 2019

Contemporaneity has always been key to Pomellato’s creativity. Once again, the Italian brand succeeds to offer a new, fresh and young collection. The Brera line appropriates itself the chain design with a timeless and elegant finish.

sketches pomellato brera.jpg
pomellato brera new.jpg

New Brera Collection, Pomellato, 2019.

The collection offers a wide range of pieces, apart from the classic earrings and ring, Pomellato also created an adjustable necklace, which is transformable into a choker. This is to me, the highlight creation of the set as it is perfectly adapting to the wearer’s neck and taste.

While the earrings can become shirt studs, the bracelets are also reversible, unveiling or hiding the diamonds set on one side. In a world where personalization defines more and more the consumer’s purchasing behavior, these jewels perfectly answer to the demand.

Necklace / Choker, Pomellato, Brera Collection, 2019.

Paved diamonds or plain gold, the jewels have a beautiful wavy structure with thin volume and light movement. The soft and round shapes reveal sensibility and femininity. The collection is driven by minimalism, which gives the chance to be worn by both young and mature women.
All pieces are made and assembled in Milan, where the inspiration for the name directly comes from. Brera is a district of the Italian city: It is a lovely area full of animations, perfectly describing La Bella Vita with its various artistic studios, fragrances makers and its variety of architecture.

New Brera Collection, Pomellato, 2019.

Highlighting its roots, Pomellato chose a very modern Italian woman to be the face of this new collection. The world fashion influencer, Chiara Ferragni, is showing off the Brera creations in a few advertisements, largely seen on Instagram. Translating femininity and empowerment, Chiara is a great choice to reach millennials and embodied the brand’s value.

The ambassador also wore Pomellato jewels at the Cannes International Film Festival, 2019.

Another series of photo were revealed on Instagram, exhibiting each piece on the sand where the shapes and materials are highlighted.

chiara pomellato brera.jpg

Chiara Ferragni, Brera Collection, Pomellato, 2019

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