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5 Masterpieces by Moussaieff

29th January 2020

Known for its impressive high quality center stones, Moussaieff creates exquisite jewels with a balance of modern and traditional designs, which translate its “East meets West” background. Indeed, born in the 1850s’, this familial Maison was first focused on the pearl market in the Persian Gulf.

Transmitting the passion for gemstones and jewels to the following generations, the brand expanded its offer while maintaining an exclusive image, and an eye for the remarkable gems of the world. It is now established in London, where its main flagship store is located in the prestigious New Bond Street.
The below 5 outstanding jewels are proof of Moussaieff expertise, style and savoir-faire.

3 Fancy Color Diamonds Ring

This is love at first sight, spending my whole time looking for unusual creations I am not disappointed with this discovery! It seems that these three colored diamonds are blooming together, enhancing each other’s color. The marquise cut yellowish-green diamond weights 1.21 carats and balances with a pear cut fancy intense pink diamond of 0.92 carats, as well as a pear cut fancy blue diamond of 1.01 carats.

The pink gold mounting is paved with brilliant cut pink diamonds that highlight both the green and blue diamonds’ color. The challenge in this ring was to create harmony between the stones. Thanks to their shape, color’s intensity and appropriate setting, the diamonds are magnified without affecting each other. For its delicacy and unique cluster, this ring is now ranked on my top creations’ list!


3 Fancy Color Diamonds Ring, by Moussaieff 

Traffic Light Pendant

Participating for the first time at the Biennale de Paris in September 2017, Moussaieff shined bright with several masterpieces composed of major gems. One of them was this colorful pendant with two incredible center stones. A majestuous 43.86cts pear-cut emerald from Colombia is suspended to an intense 158.81cts sugarloaf sapphire from Ceylon. The two outstanding precious stones are alternated by two oval-cut Thai rubies totalling 5.16cts. The necklace is composed of several important diamonds of various cuts that accentuate the geometry and architectural design of the piece. Furthermore, the diamonds halo around the emerald adds relief and emphasizes the size of the green stone. 

This statement piece is highly representative of Moussaieff's identity and aim in offering exquisite jewels. 

moussaieff necklace.jpg

Traffic Light Pendant, Moussaieff, 2017.
Pear Cut Emerald, Cabochon Cut Sapphire, Oval Cut Rubies, Diamonds

Pink & Blue Diamonds Ring

A few months ago in Hong Kong, this voluminous ring appeared at the auctions sales of Christie’s with an estimation of 5 M€ - 7 M€. A precious flower which heart is composed of a 3.24 carats emerald cut fancy vivid blue diamond. In addition to its fantastic homogenous and strong color, the blue diamond is also perfectly pure with an IF grade by GIA.

Each seven petal is represented by an oval cut diamond of (approx. 0.5 cts), ranging from Fancy Vivid Pink, Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink, Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Deep Pink colors. The platinum mounting is also set with brilliant cut pink diamonds. With this rare and beautiful composition, the hammer fell for 6.8 M€.

Blue & Pink Diamonds Ring, by Moussaieff


Rubies & Emeralds Earrings, by Moussaieff

Rubies & Emeralds Earrings

These classical design earrings are outstanding for their major stones. The two drops are pear cut rubies from Burma that total 40.23 carats. Burmese rubies are known for being of exceptional quality, with an intense and homogeneous color, sometimes described as “pigeon blood”, which is the most sought-after color for rubies. Despite their deep hue, the two rubies are impressive for their respective weight, more than 20 carat each, and for matching perfectly together.
In addition, two step cut Colombian emeralds of 6.88 carats are balancing the red stones. Once again, the origin of these emeralds legitimates their quality, intense color and brilliancy. The garden also seems to be dense and draws intriguing patterns inside the stones.

These elegant earrings also present two marquise cut and one brillliant cut white diamonds, set on platinum with a light diamond paved mounting.

Color Changing Star Sapphire Bangle

After colored diamonds, rubies and emeralds creations, sapphire is next on the list. I would like to highlight this specific bangle for its intriguing center stone and its uncommon design.

The major cabochon cut sapphire presents an interesting lavender color, in fact, it is a changing color sapphire, meaning that depending on the light, it appears rather blue or purple. The stone is quite opaque which reinforces its intensity, and on top of that, its composition creates a star with the light.

Furthermore, this disruptive bracelet is also set with briolette cut sapphires that seem to drop from the center, totaling 57.85 carats. The colorful gems are set on a white gold mounting fully diamond paved with two trillion cut diamonds surrounding the main sapphire. This symmetrical piece stands out for its soft colors yet strong statement, balancing curvy lines with imposing elements.

cabochon sapphire moussaieff.png

Star Sapphire Bangle, by Moussaieff

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