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Cinemagia by Bulgari

14th July 2019

Following Wild Pop 2018 Collection, Bulgari has now launched Cinémagia, a daring line inspired by the Dolce Vita of international actors in Italy. Loyal to Bulgari’s DNA, Cinémagia is a mix of vivid stones set on a geometrical structure with perfect symmetry and contrast of colors. The Italian jeweller plays with various semi-precious stones such as chrysoprase, opatite, turquoise and mandarine garnet, all of them cut in different ways to accentuate texture and sparkles.

Cinémagia Collection, Bulgari, 2019.

Hollywood’s embrace of Rome’s Cinecittà studios in the 1950s focused the spotlight on Bulgari. Having starred in over 40 films, the Roman high jeweler’s creations have been worn by the greatest actresses, from Ingrid Bergman and Sharon Stone to Audrey Hepburn and Anita Ekberg. The Wizard of Oz and Dolce Vita are specific movies that demonstrate the brand’s long-standing connection with the cinema industry, and their influence on the collection.

Cinémagia Collection, Bulgari, 2019. Legends on pictures.

What is Black Zircomium ?

Not to be confused with titanium, this unconventional material  is a refractive metal typically used in industrial applications and more recently, jewellery. It is extremely durable, has a soft and silky feel once polished. It reaches 8 on Mohs scale hardness and is a pretty light material.

Consistent with its storytelling, Bulgari invited its VIP guests to celebrate the new collection on the Amalfi Coast, on the popular island of Capri. Supermodel Lily Aldridge, LV ambassador Alicia Vikander and many other actors such as Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman and Úrsula Corberó participated to this glamorous event. An important exhibition was hold at Villa Certosa showcasing the unique creations in a romantic and fantasy setting. The gala dinner was highlighted by a musical show featuring Nicole Scherzinger, which paid homage to iconic films throughout history, as well as the lovely, Capri-inspired dishes served up by Michelin chef Luca Fantin. The sparkling night also included the DJ Graziano Della Nebbia.

Lily Aldridge, Eva Green, Uma Thurman, Ursula Corbero, Alicia Vikander. Present for the evening launch of Cinemagia by Bulgari, 2019.

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