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Les Ciels de Chaumet

8th July 2019

Les Ciels de Chaumet pays homage to the beauty of the sky, from day to night. Declined in 4 episodes, the collection takes inspirations from the burning sun, cloudy sky, flying birds and shooting stars. This poetic collection once more emphasizes Chaumet's creativity, expertise and sense of details. By reinterpreting the mysterious phenomenons of the sky, the French jeweller transports us in a romantic and dreamy journey.  

The collection is composed of about 75 pieces including transformable creations and tiaras. Chaumet is renown for its savoir-faire for diadems since 1780 and is proud to exhibit many prototypes of their past creations in their Flagship Place Vendome.

Les Ciels de Chaumet Collection, 2019. Legends on pictures.

The first chapter, Les Caprices du Ciel, is expressed through vivid colors recalling the sunset hues thanks to yellow sapphires, amethysts and mandarine garnets. This colorful, yet elegant design focuses on the asymmetry and the various gems’ cuts.

Les Caprices du Ciel, Chaumet, 2019. Legends on pictures.

The second chapter, Les Couleurs du Ciel, is more aggressive in terms of structure and colors. This time we walk in the flaming rays of sun with red spinels, Padparadscha and pink sapphires.

Les Couleurs du Ciel, Chaumet, 2019. Legends on pictures.

Les Fulgurances du Ciel opens a dialog with the starry nights. Recalling the dreamy dark sky, the black opals are graciously enhanced by tourmalines and diamonds.

Les Fulgurances du Ciel, Chaumet, 2019. Legends on pictures.