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Her Favorite Flower is Camélia

12th March 2019

Lucky Camélia to be the favorite flower of Coco Chanel. Its wide petals and blooming are great inspirations for this French fashion leader.

Chanel introduces its first watch in 1987, the Première collection presents strict lines, perfect symmetry and definitely linked to Art Deco design. 15 years later the French brand starts unveiling fine watches, which incorporates jewels for the camélia’s glory. The flower is declined in many designs, sometimes adorning the bracelet, often inside of the dial or on the bezel, Chanel knows how to magnify nature.

chanel nacre camelia.jpg

With the Mademoiselle Privée Camélia Nacré, the soft mother-of-pearl is sculpted to create voluminous petals. The black dial contrasts with the flower’s purity and the shiny brilliants diamonds of the bezel. The watch exists in a full pave dial version, which increases the effect of the mother-of-pearl luster.

From the same collection, the Camélia Lesage watches called embroidery experts for patiently sewing gold threads on their dial. The precious design makes a Camélia blooming with white pearls, shiny flakes and contrasting silk threads. The overall drawing is magnificent in all its details and the embroidery craft recalls the fashion spirit of the brand, diving in the haute couture world.

chanel diamond pave nacre.jpg

Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Nacré, Chanel.

Mademoiselle Privé Camélia Lesage Embroidery Watches, Chanel.

The Première Camélia Skeleton is a bold and daring timepiece, which is at half way between rock and traditional design. The Camelia is here translated into the open black discs that create volume to the petals. I really like the contrasts of texture, the black mat materials, the brilliant diamonds and the shiny white gold together with the mechanism. This watch has received several prizes for its technicity, uncommon esthetics and its in-house caliber.
For more skeleton, have a look to the recent launch of the Privé Camélia Skeleton featuring a new in house caliber. The large leave hands are back and the full pave or black ceramic dial contrasts with the skeleton mechanism.

Première Camélia Skeleton & Privé Camélia Skeleton watches, Chanel.

If you are more interested in movements and complications, the following watch is your best match. Revealed in 2012, The Première Flying Tourbillon Camélia describes a rotating flower made of graphic and incised discs. The watch is all about sobriety and timelessness, which perfectly fits Chanel spirit.

Première Camélia Flying Tourbillon Watch, Chanel.

The Camélia High Watches largely integrate the codes of the fashion house. White pearls, sobriety and refinement are keys to these timepieces. Chanel also exploits the secret watches mechanism that is always a fascination for its simplicity and delicacy. The jewellery watches are very thin with brilliant graphic camelias that look more like jewellery bracelets than watches. 

High & Secret Watches, Camélia, Chanel.

What I particularly appreciate is the diverse stones and crafts used for these creative and feminine watches. Every dial has a singularity that expresses the delicacy and fragility of the flower. Chanel Jewellery Watches offer various versions with white, black leather straps or full pave diamonds bracelet, but as well with different bezel setting, diamonds, sapphires, rubies or plain gold. Pink or white gold, black ceramic or mother of pearl, options are wide and fit all styles.

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