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Buzzing Bees at Chaumet

30th May 2020

Playful and graphic, Bee My Love jewels are inpired by the honeycomb hives and is define by geometric lines.

Launched in 2011, the collection initially only offered rings in yellow, pink or white gold, with version of diamonds pavé. One objective of this new line was to adapt to the stacking trend that is still ongoing. Indeed, the hexagonal shapes of the rings allow them to be combined and create mix & matches that are very appreciated, especially by the young generation.

The golden cells could also be instantly recognisable on engagement rings with the specific mounting design supporting the center stone.

When the collection was launched, Chaumet committed to donate from the sales to the French Terre d’Abeilles association which aims to save and protect the bees.

bee engagement ring chaumet.jpg

Bee My Love Wedding Band

& Engagement Ring, Chaumet

set bee model chaumet.png
bracelets bee.jpg

Bee My Love Set, Chaumet

In 2018, some additional references are unveiled: bracelets enter the Bee My Love collection. The following year, the offer is completed with earrings and necklaces as well as high jewellery cocktail rings.


Bee is a symbol of power and brightness, and is considered to be divine. In addition, the precious little insect was the emblem of Napoleon Bonaparte, character of major importance in Chaumet’s history as he was a loyal customer of the brand. The naturalist jeweller appropriated the bee for creating modern jewels, wearable by a wide clientele.


When launched in 2011, Bee My Love design also featured in a high jewellery collection. In fact, the little bee was also represented figuratively.

The creations are mainly composed of diamonds, fine stones and colored sapphires of small sizes in order to depict the bees and honeycomb. Some pieces are also transformable, like the tiara which main center bee can be worn as a brooch. Today, one figurative ring remains in range, only composed of white diamonds with a center pear cut diamond.

Bee My Love Collection, Chaumet, 2011.

Legends on pictures.

The cocktail rings unveiled in 2019 are called Exquises and present an important colored center stone such as tanzanite, pink, green tourmaline, citrine or amethyst. The oval-cut fine stones are surrounded by diamond bees and hives set along the mounting which is eather pink or white gold depending on the gem’s color.

The citrine ring featuring a citrine definitely recalls the honey color and perfectly embodies the Bee collection.

Bee Exquises Rings, Chaumet. Legends on pictures. 

Watches are also part of the collection. The feminine timepieces are available in various versions: yellow, pink and white gold, fully paved or only set with a few brilliants on the bezel. Apart from the leather model, the bracelet reveals the iconic hive design which also adorns the case. The indicators are also represented by honeycomb shape. The dial is either set with white mother of pearl, yellow gold with engravings, or full diamonds paved.

The elegant watches are rather suitable for cocktails and evening occasions because of their extra small size and refine components.

Bee My Love Watches, Chaumet

In 2018, Chaumet called on two Asian collection ambassadors to endorse Bee My Love jewels: The Chinese actress Elaine Zhong, and the Taiwanese and Australian actress and model Hanna Quinlivan. Both posed for a serie of shots and videos, focusing on the accumulation of products. Chaumet plays with words and launches new mottos for the collection: Bee becomes Bee my Symbol, Bee My Fun, Bee My Dream, Bee My Joy.

The same year, LVMH’s French jeweller also launches a serie of black & white shots and videos featuring a young European model with a modern look. Grace and character defines the Bee woman. 6 new Bee «mottos» are unveiled: Bee My Lucky Charm, Bee My Music, Bee My Confidence, Bee My Thrill, Bee My Frenzy, Bee My Memory.


Bee My Love Visual Ads, Chaumet, 2018

Last year, Chaumet installed a pop-up corner dedicated to Bee My Love collection, in the prestigious Galeries LaFayette in Paris. From end of September to beginning of January 2019, the modern jewels were exhibited in a special honeycomb setting, on the first floor of the store. 

On Thursday 28th May, Chaumet promoted its Bee jewels by organizing a cooking class with the pastry chef from the famous Ritz Hotel in Paris. Chef François Perret, elected World Best Pastry Chef in 2019, animated the session on Instagram with a live video, explaining every steps for baking a honey signature dessert.