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Yeprem or Jewels' Metamorphosis

07th February 2019

I instantly fell in love with Yeprem’s creations. They are a balance between elegance, design’s originality and modernity.

Born in 1964, this Lebanese jewellery brand expresses sensuality, timelessness and sophistication with its innovative pieces.  

Only made of diamonds (and pearls occasionally), we may expect a classic and “déjà-vu” design. On the contrary, Yeprem’s creativity embrace contemporaneity with uncommon structures and shapes.

Its inspiration mainly comes from nature: climbing plants, delicate flowers, constellations and burning flames.

Earcuff, Handset, Ring & Earrings, Yeprem. Diamonds & White Gold.

Its daring jewels are flexible, adapting to the hands’ shape, it seems that they are embodying a delicate yet powerful snake coiling around. Yeprem’s designs are fascinating, they give illusion that the jewel is part of our own body, following our movement and physiognomy.

In Yeprem world, bracelets are not just simple bangles around your wrist, they are pieces of art embracing your hand, palm and fingers’ intersections. Earrings are protecting the whole ear, creating sinuous curves, embellishing your hair. These atypical creations reflect complex crafts and true expertise in order to offer adaptable pieces.

Diamonds Sets, Yeprem. 

Furthermore, most of the jewels present various cuts of diamonds including marquise, pear and brilliant. The irregularity of the diamonds’ shape makes the jewels standing out of classic lines.

The following full pavé watches are also mind-blowing, they are true statement timepieces combining practicality and esthetic.

Rihanna Yeprem Neckace
Diamonds & White Gold Yeprem Watch
Diamonds & White Gold Yeprem Watch

Diamonds Jewellery Watches, Yeprem. 

These ultra feminine pieces have conquered the heart of many celebrities such as Jennyfer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Madonna and Karlie Kloss.

Mainly present in Middle East and in USA, the brand is currently accessible in 35 sales points such as Neiman Marcus.

Rihanna wearing a Yeprem Necklace for Elle Magazine. 

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