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After 40 years, Sterlé is still shining

4th January 2019

More than 40 years of crafts for eternal breath-taking creations, this is the beautiful gift of Pierre Sterlé.

Stelé Necklace Diamonds

Pierre Sterlé had the amazing ability to recreate movement in his jewels: like the wind blowing in the wheat, the smooth dance of the ribbons and the light flight of a bird. The main themes of his work are the nature and lightness, which translate sensibility, femininity and a certain innocence.

Sterlé Pierre Jeweller

Brilliant and Baguette-Cut Diamonds Articulated Necklace, Sterlé.

White gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Brooches, Articulated Necklaces, Bracelet, Articulated Earrings, Sterlé, 1950s.

Sterlé was also known for blending precious gems with common materials: composing unique and creative combinations of diverse sparkles. Pearls, turquoises, corals, diamonds and lapis lazuli were part of his universe and were often emphasizing his taste for blue tunes. Despite this mix of elements, elegance and refinement were keys to his modern designs.

We know best his fabulous birds brooches that spread their yellow gold wings and drill the sky with their diamonds beak.
This outstanding work can be admired with the first below brooch, made of yellow gold, 40 sapphires, 50 diamonds, 1 marquise cut diamond and 1 important oval cabochon-cut aquamarine of approximately 28 carats.

Bird Brooches, Sterlé. Legends on pictures.

Nowadays, his creations can be seen at auctions sales, lately Sotheby’s sold the below colorful brooch for 37.500€ in October 2018. Proof that Sterlé is still shining through his creations.

Sterlé Brooch 1960

Wheat Brooch, Sterlé, 1960s.

Amethyst, sapphire, aquamarine, topaz, peridot and garnet,
diamonds, yellow gold.

This diamond watch was also sold at auctions for $18.750, by Christie's New York, June 2018.

Sterlé Diamonds Watch
Watch Diamonds Sterlé

Diamonds Watch, blue steel hands, Sterlé.

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