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Moon Phase Watches

for Sophisticated Women

7th October 2019

If you are lunatic, fascinated by the starry nights or a complications’ lover, the moonphase watch is a must for you. For it pure aesthetic or for its technicity, the moonphase is impressing by its meaning and the watchmakers enjoy pursuing the dreams in many creative interpretations.

Here are a few timepieces from renowned watch brands that could please sophisticated women.

Tonda Metropolitaine Selene, by Parmigiani
This young Swiss watch brand is popular for its very detailed dials and its modern lines. Presented at SIHH in 2016, the Tonda Metropolitaine Selene is a lunar watch, which aesthetic focuses on the mother-of-pearl’s contrasts and lotus drawing at the center of the dial. Existing in pastel pink, white and sky blue versions, the light background is enhanced by the bright moon of the lunar complication. In addition to its visible self-winding movement with 50 hours of power reserve, Parmigiani displays the date with a rotating disc. The 33mm bezel is set with 72 gemstones, which add some sparkles and femininity to the timepiece.
It exists with a white or dark leather strap, as well as with a metallic bracelet.

Tonda Metropolitaine Selene Watches by Parmigiani

Arceau Petite Lune 38mm, by Hermès

From a non-watchmaking brand, this timepiece stroke me for its elegance and originality. This iconic model from Hermès, l’Arceau, takes its roots in 1978 with the designer and creative director, Henri d'Origny.
Its italics hand-written numbers, asymmetrical lugs and thin hands create a distinctive piece that doesn’t age. Throughout the years, the model has been modified in many versions: changing the dial design, drawing a rail around the hours, including complications, setting with gemstones, or having a wider or smaller case.
In this version, Arceau Petite Lune takes its name from the smaller case, 38mm, and its moonphase integrated in the upper left side of the dial. The mother-of-pearl background, the thin dot rail and the date display are set in perfect harmony. An alligator strap completes the look, which can easily be exchangeable. This watch has 50 hours of power reserve with a self-winding movement which mechanisms can be admired at the back of the watch. While some brands hide their mechanisms with plain cases, I like Hermès’ audacity to play on transparence and perfect esthetics.

Arceau Petite Lune 38mm Watch, by Hermès

Little Lange 1 Moon Phase, by A. Lange & Sohne

This limited edition Little Lange 1 Moon Phase watch is fascinating for its mesmerizing dark blue grey mother-of-pearl dial. The German company translated a stormy night or ocean waves with a hammered effect which reflects light in different perspectives. The dial is divided in 4 parts, each one dedicated to a specific information. The hour is displayed in a smaller dial on the left side, the date is adorning the top-right hand side, while the moonphase is situated at 5 o’clock. Finally, the manual watch has a 72 hours power reserve which level is indicated at 3 o’clock. On top of this fantastic dial design, the bezel is set with diamonds and the strap is a dark blue ray leather bracelet.

This watch exists in a “day version” with light colors, both versions are limited to 150 editions.


Little Lange 1 Moon Phase Watch, by A. Lange & Sohne


Rendez Vous Moon Serenity Watch, by Jaeger LeCoultre

Rendez Vous Moon Serenity, by Jaeger LeCoultre

Released in 2019, Rendez Vous Moon Serenity is a perfect name for a night out watch. This ultra-feminine timepiece translates elegance, mystery and preciosity. The moon phase is located at 6 o’clock and seems to be floating in the starry night with sparkling constellations. This pink gold watch is enhanced by a range of 124 brilliant diamonds set on the bezel and on the lower case. The grey blue radiant dial echoes the shiny alligator strap. In addition to the lunar complication and the Calibre 935 automatic movement, a moving star is indicating your next appointment, adding curiosity to the watch. Jaeger LeCoultre creates a perfect balance between jewellery and watchmaking with this poetic piece.

Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37, by IWC

If you’re looking for a discreet daytime watch without compromising refinement and sophistication, then the Portofino Automatic Moon Phase is made for you. With its pale silver plated dial and the diamonds set on the bezel and on the 12 hours’ indicators, this watch breathes purity and lightness. I particularly appreciate the thin case, which doesn’t look too heavy on the wrist despite the wide dial of 37mm. The watch houses a self-winding movement with 42 hours of power reserve and present a dark blue alligator strap by Santoni. Only regret is the hidden mechanisms by the plain steel case, the iconic model by IWC never reveals its secrets...

Portofino Automatic Moon Phase 37  Watch, by IWC

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