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From The Depth Of The Sea

21st February 2019

Born by the sea in an enchanting environment, Massimo Izzo didn’t have to look far to be inspired. Raised in Sicily, he developed a strong attachment to these Mediterranean smells, architecture and colors. Using local stones, his jewels bring us in the depth of the sea, exploring reefs, corals and captivating creatures. 
His work capped my attention for its extravagance, its volume and color’s associations: Massimo succeeds to create original and unique pieces that are incomparable to others. Yellow gold, aquamarines and corals are recurrent materials that build his identity, balancing texture and opacity. Composed of round polished beads or rough stones, the jewels aren’t guided by any convention or constraint of design.

Jewellery Sets, Massimo Izzo.

His underwater collection is ruled by seahorses, starfishes and medusas, that clearly embody exuberance. It is a fascinating world in which the wearer is invited, and a single piece will make a whole statement to its outfit. You just have to dare!
The golden curls and stone’s shape reproduce the water movement and it seems that the coral reef is growing from your skin. The impressive aquamarine ring gives the impression to the wearer to pass through the ocean’s current.

Jewellery Collections, Massimo Izzo. Legends on pictures.

But Massimo has more than one string to his bow: crockery is also part of his offer. Applying his water creatures to cups and glasses, your afternoon teas and dinners won’t have the same look!

If you are curious about his jewellery, you will have to find him directly in his boutique and workshop in Syracuse. Don’t worry about the distance, the trip worth it anyway!

glass izzo.jpg
boutique workshop syracuse.jpg
massimo izzo jeweller.jpg
cups izzo.jpg

Seahorse Champagne Flute, Massimo Izzo.

Yacht Collection Cup, Massimo Izzo. Syracuse Boutique. 

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