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Headpieces Are Back In Fashion 2

29th August 2019

Originally reserved for royal families, tiaras are now not only seen at weddings but also parties, fashion runway shows, red carpets and galas. The first celebrities to make a statement were Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn who both made appearances in princess tiaras. But somehow the trend only popped up a few years ago with various declinations of headpieces such as headbands. With international influencers, actors and models, the diadem became a hit accessory that just makes you stand out of the crowd. The following 5 creations prove that contemporary tiaras have space on our head.

Charlize Theron, Angelababy, Pippa Middleton, Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show, Kim Kardashian. 

The  Savoy Headband by Tiffany & Co

Unveiled in 2013, this iconic headpiece was designed in collaboration with the costume designer Catherine Martin for the shooting of the Great Gatsby movie.

This Art deco headband is made of brilliant cut diamonds, for a total of 25.06 cts, and cultured pearls set on a platinum mounting. The feathers part is detachable and can be worn as a brooch.

Following the shooting, the hairjewel was then sold for $200k USD.

Tiffany didn’t only created the Savoy Headband for the movie, the American brand designed a complete Great Gatsby Collection including pearl bracelets, diamond rings, pompon necklaces and much more.

tiara tiffany gg.jpg
gg tiara.jpg

Great Gatsby Savoy Headband, Tiffany & Co. 

Blé Maria Tiara by Chanel

Unveiled in the last Chanel’s Russian Paris 2019 collection, this daring tiara is changing the rules with its yellow gold mounting and colorful semi-precious stones. The floral inspiration is translated by the pastel gems set on branches that surround the center oval cut tourmaline. The colors of the multi cuts pink spinels, mandarin garnets, coloured tourmalines and diamonds are highlighted by the yellow gold mounting which is a quite uncommon use for headpieces.

The diadem matches with a star design brooch showing an impressive 28.81 cts yellow sapphire at its center.

chanel tiara.jpg
chanel ble maria brooch.jpg

Blé Maria Tiara & Brooch, Chanel. 

tiara buccellati.png

Unica Grand Tiara by Buccellati

Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Buccellati created this flying masterpiece, worth 330k €.

The intricate design, made of flowers and birds, reveals a spectacular craftsmanship: the mounting is composed of a honeycomb structure giving lightness to the creation. This technique, as well as the tulle and lace effects, is part of the Italian jeweller’s DNA.

In total, 928 diamonds were set, for an approximate weight of 10 cts.

The tiara appeared in Tatler Magazine in December 2018.

Unica Grand Tiara, Buccellati.

Heart & Arrow Tiara by Gucci

Part of the first Gucci High Jewellery Collection, Hortus Deliciarum, these Heart & Arrow Tiaras were born in exotic botanical gardens.

The leaves are interlaced in the hair while the center bouquet holds on the forehead of the wearer.

Pink Version:

2.8 cts Rubellite, Pink Sapphires, Diamonds & White Gold

Blue Version:

Blue Sapphires, Diamonds & White Gold

tiffany gucci.jpg
gucci tiara.jpg

Heart & Arrow Tiaras, Gucci.

Aigrette Diadem by Chaumet

Part of the 12 Vendome Collection and unveiled during the XXVIth Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, this Aigrette Diadem breathes lightness and splendor. Blue tourmalines, tanzanites and diamonds are supporting a major 39.78 cts white opal, set on white gold. The tiara’s highlight remains in the beautiful white or dark blue feathers, which emphasize grace and femininity.

Chaumet, the Master of Tiaras, is always surprising us with its timeless elegance and new lines.

Aigrette Diadem, 12 Vendome Collection, Chaumet.

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