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Golden Oasis by Piaget

10th July 2019

Following the Sunlight Escape Collection in 2018, Piaget is continuing its joyful and vivid journey with Golden Oasis this year. The latter depicts the landscapes and lights of the Western regions of America. Desert lands, canyons, Great Plains, and wild lands are translated in jewellery, from dawn until dusk. The new collection is composed of 3 chapters each of them offering sparkling colors and highlighting precious center stones.

To show off its creations, Piaget chose Olivia Palermo as the main brand ambassador. According to the Swiss jeweller, the business woman perfectly matches the brands’ identity, representing elegance, femininity and independance.

palermo olivia piaget.jpg
olivia piaget.jpg

Olivia Palermo, Piaget's brand ambassador. 

Play of Lights is inspired by the gradiant hues of the sun throughout the day: from the fading lights to the vivid glow and the burning sunset. Yellow diamonds, rubies and spinels are ruling this bright and blinding jewellery line.

Play of Lights from Golden Oasis, Piaget, 2019. Legends on pictures.

The second episode, Desert Minerals, explores the secret waters and mysterious mirages. This is an invitation to dive in the deep sea of blue sapphires and explore the lagoons of the opals.

Desert Minerals from Golden Oasis, Piaget, 2019. Legends on pictures.

Native Bloom pursues the voyage in a fresh and luxuriant oasis. Emeralds cascades, golden palms and malachite leaves are taking us in a flourishing nature composed of wild flowers, plants and foliage.

Native Bloom from Golden Oasis, Piaget, 2019. Legends on pictures.

For this summery collection, Piaget invited its VIP guests to Monaco and organized 2 privileged evenings.

The first night took place at the Hotel Cap Estel. Previously a private home, the villa offers high ceilings and flowery balconies overlooking the endless turquoise sea.

For the second evening, Piaget’s CEO, Chabi Nouri, welcomed Olivia Palermo, Nicole Warne, Shiva Safai and 250 other guests to a festive night hosted at the  legendary Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.

They experience a menu created by the celebrated Chef Paolo Sari who is the first and only chef in the world awarded with both a Michelin Star and an organic certification. Models adorned in creations from the Piaget Golden Oasis collection and Roland Mouret dresses walked around the guests during the dinner.

piaget ceo HJ.jpg
olivia palermo piaget event.jpg

Shiva Safai & Chabi Nouri, Piaget's CEO.

Olivia Palermo.

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