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Gigi Hadid  X  Messika

19th February 2019

It is a lasting love story between the Californian supermodel, Gigi Hadid, and the Parisian jewellery brand, Messika. In just a couple of years, Gigi became the renown face of Messika by creating jewellery collections, being a loyal brand ambassador and appearing on all major high jewellery advertisements.

Gigi Hadid & Valérie Messika. Gigi for Messika High Jewellery Ads. 

For their second collaboration in 2018, Gigi Hadid brought her chic bohemian style and went for delicate and thin designs where geometry and symmetry are keys. The feminine jewels are made of diamonds, white, yellow or pink gold: simple recipe for big success ?
This fresh and trendy collection gives the opportunity to play with the products: “stacking” jewels together, create “mix & match” which is very fashionable now. Furthermore, My Soul collection does not stop to the simple necklace and earrings, it also includes ankle jewels, choker and hand jewels: You’ll be covered of sparkles!

From 900€ to 7'500€ a piece, the collection definitely targets young minds that look for chic casual jewels.

My Soul, Jewellery Collection, Collaboration Gigi Hadid & Messika, 2018.

The first collaboration in 2017 with Gigi and Messika was a big success, probably thanks to strong communication plans, big investments in visuals and on social media. The iconic Move collection has a completely different storytelling: rock spirit, contemporary lines, it is a mix of trendy and rebel style. To me, the earcuff is definitely the most interesting piece of the collection, it has personality and is really distinctive.

Valérie Messika, CEO of Messika, stated: “Gigi is the embodiment of the Messika woman. She is spontaneous, sunny, and bright.” I wouldn’t be surprised of a third collaboration in 2019!

Move, Jewellery Collection, Collaboration Gigi Hadid & Messika, 2017.

Additionally, the famous American model appears a lot on the Messika high jewellery visuals. Lately this month, we can see her wearing several diamonds sets, posing in a very dramatic and glamorous way. And it is not the first time, the French brand takes advantage of Gigi’s popularity to largely expose all their collections.. at what price? That remains a secret..

Gigi Hadid for Messika High Jewellery.

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