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Joyful Flamingo Jewels

13th December 2019

Joyful yet elegant, flamingos are intriguing by their morphology and gracious posture. Their thin yet strong legs, flexible and majestuous neck, and their reddish pink feathers recall poetic, peaceful and loving memories. Symbolizing unions, community and relationships, this bird is also a protector of the ones it cares which initiates the storytelling of the jewels.

High jewellery designers are inspired to interpret this bird in various ways through the use of pink gold, coral, padparadscha and pink sapphires, as well as morganite.

flamingo pic.jpg

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels' fascinating world always surprises us with its poetic and fairy-like creations. Part of the Seven Seas collection of 2015, this fantastic necklace shapes the flight of a gracious flamingo. The wide and delicate wings are made of pink gold set with pink sapphires and diamonds. The body of the bird is composed of two corals: a pink color drop and a red color carved coral for the neck. The beautiful sparkling feathers are embracing the neck of the wearer while the flamingo remains at the center of the jewel or can be detached and be worn as a brooch separately. 

Flamingo Necklace, Seven Seas Collection, by Van Cleef & Arpels, 2015. 


With its Wonderland collection, Boodles takes us on a brilliant journey in search for exotic birds, blooming flowers and radiant suns.

Unveiled in 2019, the Summer Palace pendent represents two standing flamingos that seem to enjoy the sparkling water of a fountain. It is composed of pink and white diamonds, and also presents some enamel details such as the legs and beaks of the birds. The symetrical necklace is in platinum and pink gold which adds depth to the flamingos. 

This creation is quite lyrical and aspires to joy and peace as the birds form together a union, protecting a center marquise cut diamond. 

boodles flamingo.jpg

Summer Palace Necklace, Wonderland Collection, by Boodles, 2019.

De Beers

The master of diamonds launched last November 2019 a new high jewellery collection, Portraits of Nature, inspired by African animals. Among the five sets, the Greater Flamingo necklace spreads out its diamond wings. This is a beautiful abstract interpretation of the bird in which the marquise and pear cut colored diamonds are creating gradient pink hues. The center brownish pink diamond adds preciosity and uniqueness to the creation with its 3 carats weight. It is a very gracious and refined set, matching with earrings, bracelet and rings, that embodies De Beers identity.

Greater Flamingo Set, Portraits of Nature Collection, by De Beers, 2019.

bulgari flamingo necklace.jpg


Revealed in 2018, this Flamingo Necklace from the Wild Pop collection is part of the Bulgari Creative Director’s favorite pieces.

Lucia Silvestri took important inspiration from the artist Andy Warhol, with its graphic and dynamic designs. The pop spirit and festive mood of the necklace make its attractivness. The diamonds are set on pink gold which gives the color to the six flamingos. The very rigid and structured aspect of the necklace is emphasized by the use of onyx as a main body of the piece.

Flamingo Necklace, Wild Pop Collection, by Bulgari, 2018.


It is in a playful mood that Cartier created this one-of-a-kind brooch. The French jeweller is known for its daring animal designs such as the panther and tiger, but also exotic birds like parrots. However the flamingo is very rarely represented in Cartier collections.

One of the first popular model was created back in the 1930s' with Jeanne Toussaint as designer of the Maison. Set with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, it was purchased by the Duchess of Windsor in 1940, then reappeared at auctions in 1987.

More recently, Cartier unveiled this brooch: seven diamond paved flamingos are gathered on a wondeful pink morganite. The 44.02 carats stone reminds of the flamingo colors with variations or orange and coral hues. Furthermore, a natural grey pearl is set and seems to be suspended in the air. 

flamingo cartier_edited.jpg
HP501156 SX1815_RVB_593653.png

Flamingo Brooch, by Cartier. 

Flamingo Brooch, by Cartier, 1930s'. 

Chow Tai Fook

The Asian jeweller also chose abstraction to recall the intriguing bird. The Flamingo Rouge set is part of the Reflections of Siem Collection which was launched in 2014. It is an ode to the colors of life, happiness and exuberance with these strong colors. The mounting is made of pink and white gold in which pink sapphires, diamonds and red tourmalines are set. The various fancy cuts of the gemstones are creativing rythm and volume as if the wings were in movement. The symmetry and curves of the necklace draw and elegant and feminine design. 

The Flamingo Rouge Set, Reflections of Siem Collection, by Chow Tai Fook, 2014.

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