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Feng J. Rising Star

16th April 2020

Only 5 years after establishing her brand in Paris, Feng J already joins Wallace Chan, Cindy Chao and Anna Hu as world-renown Asian jeweler.


Initially studying furniture design, Feng J reoriented herself towards jewelry making. She attended several recognized gemological and jewelry schools in Europe including the University of Arts in London, the Haute Ecole de Joaillerie in Paris, and Gubelin in Switzerland. Upon completion of the GIA Graduate Gemologist Program, Feng J launched her brand in 2016 with her first studio at Place Vendome. She evenly splits her schedule between Paris and Shanghai which strongly supports her artistic style.

feng j.png

Feng J.

Indeed, her delicate creations are the fruits of an East-Meets-West inspiration with exotic natural themes balancing with traditional French jewelry making. Flowers and plants are key motives and are figuratively represented with both precious and fine stones. Yellow diamonds, colored sapphires, tanzanites, opals and moonstones are recurrent gems in her pieces.

Jadeite is also a strong component as it embodies Asian culture in Feng J’s creations. It is very interesting to discover such original designs blending this imperial green stone with European creativity.

Jadeite Earrings & Brooch, Feng J. Legends on pictures.

Linked to her interest in art and Western movements, Feng J’s jewels have troubling similarities with pointillism and impressionism arts. Her leaves and flowers brooches look like tiny paintings with colorful touches of gems. The Chinese designer confirms that she enjoys “painting with stones” and is often inspired by contemporary art as well, being a collector herself.

When observing Feng J’s creations, lightness and transparence are striking. It seems that each gem is a water droplet floating in the air, this surprising effect was never seen before. In reality, the Chinese jeweler developed a new setting technique in 2018: The Floating Set. When inventing this almost invisible mounting, Feng J was aiming at reducing the weight of the jewel by limiting the use of gold. This technique also allows the light to go through the entire stones that are double rose-cuts in order to enhance reflection. This innovation is one of Feng J’s trademarks and make her jewels recognizable and stand out.

The Floating Set Jewels, Feng J. Legends on the pictures. 

The designer also plays with less common techniques in high jewellery such as the Chinese Lacquer which is an ancient craft, and the use of titanium. Le Coeur Rouge cuff and earrings are proofs of her disruptive approach to jewelry: crumpled red lacquer silver with clusters of double rose-cut rubies and spinels. This set looks like a contemporary masterpiece with its daring shapes and materials’ association.

Le Coeur Rouge Earrings & Cuff, Feng J.
Silver Chinese Red Lacquer, Red Spinels, Rubies

Producing about 40 unique pieces a year, Feng J is dedicated to work with the best workshops in the French capital to exactly execute her designs.

She aims to target the young generations as they tend to look for original, exclusive and personalized pieces that can’t be find everywhere. Her jewels are starting from $20k USD and are available to discover in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong by appointments only.

Jewelry Feng J. Legends on pictures.

Today, the Chinese jeweler regularly posts pictures and stories of the creations, crafts and workshops on her Instagram account which counts almost 19M followers.

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