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Fancy To Wear A $1 Million Bra ?

1st December 2018

Every year the most expensive and expected fashion show is unveiling a unique creation for its collection: the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.

Victoria’s Secret, a world leader lingerie brand, is famous for its extravagant and sparkling runway shows, casting the most prestigious supermodels and showcasing outstanding costumes.

The first jewellery bra was launched in 1996 and worth about 1$ million, but we had to wait 5 more years to see a fantasy bra appearing in the show.
Jewellery designers collaborate with VS to provide their precious savoir-faire and creativity to produce a unique and fabulous bra. Among them, Mouawad, Eddie Borgo, Swarovski, London Jewelers, Damiani, give their support to the American lingerie company.

Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show 2016 Paris

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016, Paris.

In 2009, the Harlequin Fantasy Bra was designed by Damiani, Italian jeweler since 1924. It features a Victoria’s Secret bra which has been set with 2355 white and cognac diamonds reaching a total of 150 carats. Additionally, a remarkable 16 carats champagne heart cut diamond hangs at the center of the piece, which pushes the bra’s price to $ 3M.
The Italian brand contributed twice to this magical show with the Bombshell Fantasy Bra in 2010.

Harlequin Fantasy Bra, by Damiani for Victoria's Secret, 2009. Worn by Marisa Miller.

Harlequin Fantasy Bra Victoria's Secret, 2009 Marisa Miller

Royal Fantasy Bra, by Mouawad for Victoria's Secret, 2013.
Worn by Candice Swanepoel. 

Unveiled in 2013, The Royal Fantasy Bra features about 4200 precious gems such as rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires. The colorful flowers patterns lead to a brilliant-cut diamonds bow and an impressive 52 carats pear-cut ruby. The $10 M bra was worn together with a matching jewellery belt which was giving a certain Indian spirit to the outfit. It was deisgned by Mouawad who already worked several times for the lingerie brand previously. For more than a century, Mouawad has been creating watches and high jewellery aiming at an exclusive clientele looking for elegant pieces. Its designs are very floral, light and feminine which emphasizes its diamonds’ beauty. 

Royal Fantasy Bra, Victoria's Secret, 2013 Candice Swanepoel

In 2016, for its 20th birthday, the Fantasy Bra was designed by Eddie Borgo who gathered 9000 gemstones and 700 hours of work to celebrate this occasion. The Bright Night Bra is aptly named because of its 450 carats: full pave diamonds cones, full pave emeralds lock, emeralds pompon, diamonds pyramids and brilliant-cut emeralds lines. The very geometrical creation displays an impressive $3 M pricetag: a premiere for the American designer who offers bijoux type of jewellery (average $300 a piece).
Eddie Borgo is very much inspired by architecture, structure and geometry which are clearly stated by the Bright Night with its relief and symmetry.

Victorias-Secret Night Fantasy-Bra-2016 Jasmine Thompson

Bright Night Bra, by Eddie Borgo for Victoria's Secret, 2016. Worn by Jasmine Thompson.

Lais Ribeiro Champgne nights bra, nouawad victoria's secret

The Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra, created by Mouawad in 2017, is by far my favorite one: nature inspired, this bra is sparkling with its blue topazes drops, blooming 6000 diamonds and yellow gold leaves. The delicate branches lead to 2 pear-cut and 1 oval-cut blue topazes. The bra is matching with a bracelet and earrings set of diamonds, and worth 2 M$. Since 2001, the Lebanon jeweler also provides a selection of high jewellery sets to complete the supermodels shiny outfits for the runway.

Champagne Nights Bra, by Mouawad for Victoria's Secret, 2017.  Worn by Lais Ribeiro.

This year, VS collaborated with Swarovski to present the 22nd jewellery lingerie: about 930 hours of crafts were needed to bring it to life! 2100 created diamonds reaching more than 71 carats were mounted forming a delicate and refined bra. This edition looks simpler, yet elegant, than previous models, it gives illusion of lace thanks to its extra thin monture. To see the precious bra, meeting is on 2nd of December in NY! However, with its 1 M€ pricetag, you might want to oriente yourself towards the crystal version at 250$. So if you wish to have a hint of how it feels to wear a jewellery bra, go get one at the selected Swarovski stores!

Elsa Hosk, Dream Angels Fantasy Bra, Swarovski 2018 Fantasy Bra

Dream Angels Fantasy Bra by Swarovski for Victoria's Secret, 2018. Worn by Elsa Hosk.

The Fantasy Bras are very rarely sold, it is said that most of the time the stones are taken off to be used for other jewels, such a shame for so many crafting hours…

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