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Engagement Rings
To Feel Unique

13th February 2019

If you are actively looking for an engagement ring or if you're just like me, desperate to get one, then you might be interested in these unique and original creations that will definitely make you stand out of the crowd. 
These jewellers are renown brands however, they are more intimate and (eventually) more accessible than the reccurrent international high jewellery names. David Yurman, Kwiat, Boodles, Finn Jewellery and Jean Dousset are confirmed jewellers that will spread sparkles in your eyes. 

Five Engagement Rings. Legends on pictures.

cushion cut diamond ring jean
pirouette jean dousset ring.jpg

Jean Dousset

Jewellery is in his blood. Grandson of the world renown Louis Cartier, Jean Dousset launched his own diamond company back in 2005, after several years of experience in international brands.

Specialized in engagement rings, he is focusing on high quality and excellence to offer unique and timeless rings. He is offering bespoke and personalization services in order to fully satisfy his clients and make their dreams come true. In only a few years, thanks to his dedication and network, Jean Dousset already counts celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Amy Adams among his clients.

I would like to highlight the following Pirouette II Ring: a twisted pave pink gold band, a structured prongs’ setting, a surmounted diamond: this ring is brilliant and elegant. Thanks to the clear mounting, the light can pass through the stone and fully reflect all sparkles.

jean dousset pirouette_edited.jpg

Pink Gold Pirouette II Engagement Ring, Jean Dousset. 

Ashoka Rings by Boodles

I have to admit, I am a big fan of the Ashoka-cut. This specific cut is an icon of the Maison Boodles, which dedicates it a full collection.

The lines of the Ashoka-cut diamonds are pure, with smooth curved corners. It counts 62 facets, so more than a brilliant-cut, and it is extremely radiant. To me, it is a modern and young version of the emerald-cut, which is much stricter and straight. The nice illusion with this cut is that the stone appears bigger than it really is.

Because Boodles has the exclusivity on this cut, you can be sure that these rings are rare and will stand out from the classic brilliant-cut. Moreover, because of the size and length criteria, only 10% of the diamonds are appropriate for this cut, which limits the production. These are a few examples of Ashoka Rings:

ashoka ring diamond_edited.jpg
ashoca cut loose stone.jpg
ashoka diamond_edited.jpg
ashoka dimaond ring.jpg

Ashoka Engagement Rings & Ashoka-Cut Loose Stone, Boodles. 

double halo ashoka cut.jpg


You have no idea what type of engagement ring you need? Go have a look at Kwiat website, they showcase many beautiful designs that could suit very different tastes.


I have been conquered by this lovely blooming flower. The brilliant-cut center diamond is surrounded by 6 pear-cut and 6 mini brilliant-cut diamonds which create a stunning sunflower. The classic platinum band is perfect to give all the light to this refined ring. In case you’re not into flower’s design, you can also create your own ring, selecting all criteria to have a perfect bespoke solitaire.

kwiat diamond ring.jpg

Diamond Engagement Ring, KWIAT.

David Yurman

David Yurman lines come from antique and vintage inspirations. Often mixing white and yellow gold together or using all kind of gemstones such as topaz, citrine, hematite and onyx, the American jeweller also offers engagement rings.

The eccentricity of the below solitaire remains in the double twisted bands that look like thin ropes. Two links that intertwine, a beautiful referral to love. The DY Crossover engagement ring also presents a brilliant halo that surrounds the brilliant-cut diamond.

david yurman crossover capri diamond_edi
david yurman diamond ring.PNG
david yurman crossover capri.PNG

DY Crossover Capri Brilliant-Cut Diamond Engagement ring, David Yurman.

Finn Jewelry

Finn is a modern and young jewellery brand that likes geometrical forms and delicate designs. Most of its collections are “bijoux”, accessible and casual jewels that will add sparkles to your life.

Here, creativity and innovation make this specific ring so unique. The rose-cut creates a light vintage mood balancing with the modern setting: a suspended 1.8 carats oval diamond detached from its full pave band. In addition, the center stone is set on a diamonds pave bezel, which add brilliance and light to this one-of-a-kind solitaire.

If you’re looking for something distinctive, feminine and with personality, you might consider this June Rose Engagement Ring.

finn rose cut diamond.jpg
finn june rose cut_edited.jpg

June Rose Cut Engagement Ring, Finn Jewelry. 

engagement finn diamond.jpg
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