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Dior et Moi:

The Gems' Mix & Match

Following the launch of Gem Dior in June 2019, Dior Joaillerie unveiled a second high jewellery collection this January 2020, during Paris Haute Couture Week. Once again, the lively mind of Victoire de Castellane, Dior Jewellery Artistic Director, takes us on board for a colorful and playful trip to the rainbow, Dior et Moi.  

7th February 2020


Turquoise, Emeralds, Sapphires and Lacquer Connected Rings, Dior et Moi, Dior Joaillerie, 2020

With this collection, in contrast with most of the jewelers, De Castellane is not working on the interpretation of nature and does not try imitating shapes or movements. This time, center stones are the highlights of the creations and the French designer have made a wide selection of gems: lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, red spinel, malachite, and of course, opal, De Castellane’s favorite stone. Surprisingly, white and colored pearls are back on the field in Dior Joaillerie, adding their touch of luster to the creations.

Asymmetrical Earrings, Dior et Moi, by Dior Joaillerie, 2020.

Dior et Moi is a joyful game between fine and precious stones that echo monochromatic tones, balancing with their opacity or transparency, as well as their intense or pale shade. It is a real gems’ mix-and-match, in which textures, sizes, colors and cuts are contrasting, yet perfectly fitting together. Dior Joaillerie is known for being asymmetrical and this 39-pieces’ collection does not break the rule: earrings are of different length and shape, and cabochon cut gems marry emerald cut stones.


Opal, Emerald, Red Spinels, Lacquer and Pearls Necklace,

Dior et Moi, Dior Joaillerie, 2020

The collection symbolizes the union of stones, as if the sapphire chose the lapis lazuli for its soulmate. This romantic storytelling is enhanced as no stone stands alone. The multiple “in-between-fingers rings”, "open rings" or “double-rings”, also interpret the love harmony, composed of two stones set side by side just like the “Toi et Moi” creativity.

It is all about the gems’ love affair, De Castellane associates stones together, making sure one doesn’t affect the beauty of the other. To balance the composition, the gems are most of the time set with a halo of diamonds or colorful gems. The use of lacquer on the gold mounting also plays an important role in highlighting the colors of the stones: 15 shades are imitating the rainbow, echoing the flashes of the opals.

In-Between-Fingers Ring, Dior et Moi, by Dior Joaillerie, 2020.

Dior et Moi reflects the poetic mindset of the Luxury French Maison and, with a touch of innocence, brings vitality to the fashion collections.

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