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David Morris is Going Electric

5th February 2020

Building its identity through fine jewellery, David Morris was established in London in 1962. Nowadays, The London Jeweller has 12 boutiques worldwide and is especially present in the Middle East such as in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. Additionally, it recently opened a new flagship store in Paris in the luxurious Rue St Honoré, close by the Place Vendome (2017). The British brand also favors showrooms in prestigious hotels like The Peninsula in Hong Kong, and is very active to boost its visibility through pop-ups in various locations.


David Morris Boutique in Paris, opened in 2017. 

Second generation of the jewelry family, Jeremy Morris, the actual CEO and Designer of the Maison, first looks for the right stones and then sketch new creations. Perpetuating the crafts’ excellence and designs’ refinement, his aim is to offer glamorous and contemporary jewelry to satisfy an open-minded and fashionable clientele. Indeed, the joyful sets are all daring in their volume, shapes, gemstones’ selection and avant-garde style. The London Jeweller likes to play with unusual and colorful fine stones such as opals, Paraiba tourmalines, Padparadscha sapphires but also pink conch pearls.

Major Opal Jewels with Sapphires, Paraiba Tourmalines and Diamonds, David Morris, 2018-2019

At the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week in January 2020, David Morris revealed its new high jewellery collection. The Electric Geometric creations are drawn by sharp angles, perfect symmetry and architectural lines that build brilliant volumes. Apart from their modern design, the jewels also stand out by their important gemstones: pink diamonds were particularly highlighted to bring softness and delicacy.

david morris necklace 2020.jpg

Drawing of Boreas Fan Necklace, Electric Geometry Collection, David Morris, 2020
Yellow & White Diamonds, White Gold

The Hexagon cuff is aptly named for the geometrical shapes of its cells. The bracelet seems to represent wide honeycombs, using rose-cut diamonds separated by thin rows of pink diamonds and set on both pink and white gold.

The Chrysalis necklace impresses by its amount of various cuts diamonds totaling 73.79 carats. This major piece reveals sparkling drops spread like water streaming down the neck. The round shape pink diamonds bring a light contrast in the necklace’s fringes and emphasize the crescendo of white diamonds.

Another pink and white diamonds creation is this Fractal Rose brooch. The heart of the flower is a 5.01 carats cushion cut white diamond, that is surrounded by 3 layers of shiny petals. With their marquise, pear and brilliant cut, the pink diamonds appear like droplets of water on the rose. The white gold mounting perfectly reproduces the bloom and the movement of the petals.

The Sunrise cuff is an architectural piece in which the diamond lines interpret the rays of light. The bracelet is accentuated by several oval-cut diamonds that alternate positions at every segments.

Electric Geometry collection, by David Morris, 2020.

David Morris also unveiled two colorful pendant earrings composed of diamonds and Paraiba tourmalines. These stones are quite iconic at The London Jeweller, indeed the brand already offered exquisite sets in the past and I specifically remember this fantastic cocktail Maelstrom ring presenting a 20.13 carats cushion-cut Paraiba tourmaline (read the related article here).

This time, David Morris integrated two major pear-cut Brazilian tourmalines in its Phoenix design, which is characterized by a thin diamonds’ line hanged to a cluster of marquise-cut diamonds.
The Waterfall earrings also amaze by their 11.02 carats of Paraiba tourmalines, set on a white gold cascade. This elegant piece radiates by its light and delicate design, which must be very lively when worn.

Waterfall & Phoenix Earrings, David Morris, 2020.
Paraiba Tourmalines, Diamonds & White Gold

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