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12 Vendome Is Back

27th February 2020

After a year of renovations, Chaumet reopens its major flagship store at 12 Place Vendome, Paris. Since 1909, the jewellery brand is established in this building full of history that the Maison maintains and perpetuates through its jewellery heritage. Indeed, the upper apartment welcomed Frederic Chopin when the virtuoso was composing his piano music. It is also the place where Naopleon III met his future wife and so, initiated the romantic storytelling  of Chaumet. Belonging to LVMH since 1999, Chaumet is ready to shine bright again with this newly refurbished boutique on the iconic jewellery place.

chaumet-version-finale - Copia.jpg

12 Vendome, Chaumet Flagship Boutique, Paris.

You need to have a truly emblematic place because, (…) we need to be able to interact, because the craft of jewelry is based on sharing


-Jean-Marc Mansvelt, Chaumet CEO

The main purpose of this refurbishment was to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere in these impressive salons, laden with history. Some smaller spaces have been implemented for the client to enjoy an immersive experience, also with a more convivial approach thanks to the installation of a bar on the ground floor. Furthermore, adding to the homey feeling, the courtyard will be converted into a garden to invite clients during the summer.

The sales area is split on the two first floors, while the top floors of the building are still dedicated to a part of the workshops, overlooking the Vendome Column.

12 Vendome, Chaumet Flagship Boutique, Paris. Legends on pictures. 

The Hotel Particulier breathes refinement and French style with gold moldings and chandeliers, majestic carpets and engraved alabaster walls. To accomplish this major transformation, more than 150 worldwide craftsmen brought their touches to create this new elegant boutique.

The interior design is imbued with the dark royal blue color, symbolic hue of Chaumet. The omnipresence of diadems also reflects the huge heritage and savoir-faire of the Maison in this specific field. As a testimony of this unique background, the new Salon des Diadèmes exhibits 600 models of tiaras made in silver, tracing the creativity of Chaumet since the XIXth century. A replica of the statue of the Empress Joséphine was installed in the hall to pay tribute to this loyal client that highly supported the ascension of the jeweler to the top. The ceilings are freshly painted with bucolic scenes presenting birds in their flight and floral decorations. Spread in the new interiors, the wheat motif is also an emblem of the Maison, symbol of wealth and prosperity that is closed to royalty and aristocracy.

12 Vendome, Chaumet Flagship Boutique, Paris. Legends on pictures. 

On Wednesday 26th February, the jeweller celebrated the reopening with its top clients and brand ambassadors such as Camila Coelho (influencer), Cindy Bruna (model), Georgia Fowler (model) and the sisters Amiaya (Japanese music duo). As Chaumet was born in 1780, the event also coincides with the 240th anniversary of the Maison, an evening that hits two targets in one shot! For the occasion, the façade has been embellished by a sparkling vegetal wall with lights and climbing plants recalling the naturalism and romanticism of Chaumet.

Guests & Brand Ambassadors at the reopning party of 12 Vendome Chaumet, 26th February 2020. Names on pictures.

To mark the reopening of the boutique, a new high jewellery collection, Trésors d’Ailleurs, was launched taking inspiration from diverse cultures. Traditions and historical patterns are reinterpreted to offer 16 unique rings respecting the codes of the Maison. Indeed, Chaumet dived in the origins of the society, echoing the Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures in its creations. The architectural rings aim to represent home, symbol of union and love that draw Chaumet’s identity.

Trésors d'Ailleurs, new HJ Collection, 16 Unique Rings, Chaumet, 2020. Legends on pictures.

From a business point of view, Chaumet recorded a constant annual growth of 20% over the past five years, reaching about 210 M€ of total revenues in 2018, of which high jewellery sales was contributing for 40 M€. The French jeweler focuses its offer on two main collections: Joséphine and Liens, which are highly pushed on social media and highlighted by international brand ambassadors.

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