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Chaumet, The Botanical Jeweller

10th May 2019

Dess(e)in de Nature, is a testimony of the true love of Chaumet for the natural environment: Flowers, leaves, birds and butterflies drawings are gathered to demonstrate the French jeweller’s inspiration.


The exhibition tells Chaumet’s artistic journey through a selection of a hundred drawings from the 1830s to the early 20th century.

chaumet bis.jpg

Jewellery by Chaumet. Descriptions in picture's legends.

The so-called «Botanical Jeweller» expresses the movements, lightness and curiosity of the nature’s interesting shapes. In addition to the numerous brooches exhibited, several diadems are also presented, recalling the Maison’s iconic savoir-faire. The wheat is particularly used in Chaumet's design, symbol of wealth and fertility. A beautiful bird brooch by Sterlé is also part of the selection: a lapis lazuli body with yellow gold wings and beak, caught in its fly. 

The display also highlights Chaumet’s design for silver objects such as candelabras, precious boxes and cuttlery. The trees and hunting themes are largely exploited in these XIXe sketches.

Drawings by Chaumet. 

Until 15th June 2019, Espace Culturel de Chaumet, 165 Boulevard St Germain, Paris. Booking online mandatory:

Another exhibition will take place in Monaco from mid of July until end of August. 

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