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Chanel: Tweed Becomes Precious

31st January 2020

Part of the few jewellery brands that launch two new high jewellery collections a year, in July and in January, Chanel took advantage of this Fashion Week in Paris to unveil its exclusive Tweed creations.

Making of Tweed de Chanel Necklace, by Chanel, 2020. 

Instantly identifying the Luxury French Maison, only Chanel was able to exploit the tweed for its jewelry inspiration. This collection surprises by its technicity: how to reproduce the supple fabric into light and flexible jewels? It required audacity to imitate the texture effect and the graphic patterns of the material into sparkling creations. By intertwining various materials on articulated mountings, jewels are brought to life and create the illusion of shiny fabrics. The effect is enhanced by the irregular lines, the wide gems’ selection and the specific use of gold threads, which add to the collection’s exclusivity. The vocabulary of couture is omnipresent in this collection: fringes, woven materials, chains, buttons, ribbons and bows, are sewed on gold as well as platinum settings.

Tweed  Cordage Sets, by Chanel, 2020.

Under the lead of Patrice Leguéreau, Director of Jewelry Creation Studio, the Chanel workshops produced 45 unique pieces, including 3 fine jewellery watches and a few brooches, pieces that were dear to Coco. As usual, creations highly emphasize white pearls, together with onyx, white diamonds, spinels, pink sapphires, topaz and tsavorites.

We can highlight two pair or asymmetrical earrings that follow the trend of earcuff design, which setting spreads on the upper part of the lobe. Another intriguing piece is the secret fine jewellery watch, which central button pivots to reveal the fully paved dial; its bracelet is probably one of the best tweed jewelry imitation.

Tweed Graphique & Tweed Frange Sets, by Chanel, 2020.

The official pictures were shot with the pieces displayed in a dark nature background, recalling the set-up of the fashion runway show in Paris. This scene translates the fragility and delicacy of the jewels as well as the preciosity of the materials.

One of the selected photographed necklaces is this imposing collar composed of a 10.20 carats cushion cut D FL diamond, spinels, pink sapphires, pearls, pink gold and platinum. 980 hours have been dedicated specifically to this piece, which contributes to justify its major price of 3.9 M€. 

Tweed de Chanel collection, by Chanel, 2020.

Chanel Joaillerie’s strength lies in its incredible consistency with the icons of the fashion brand and its history. The codes of the Maison and the infinite symbols linked to Gabrielle Chanel, such as the Leo zodiac sign, the Russian inspirations or the Camelia, favorite flower of the designer; are drawing the lines of the refined jewellery collections. The sparkling fil rouge is constant, always rooted in the couture atmosphere of Chanel, where craftsmanship and creativity exhale.