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Boghossian: A Kissing Story

26th February 2019

Boghossian equals to 6 generations of jewelers that constantly strive for offering colorful, original and high quality jewels since 1868. The Turkish House based in Geneva, succeeded to stand out from its competitors thanks to its creativity and its specific jewelry techniques that distinguish their exquisite pieces.

Inspired by Eastern cultures, the luxury brand offers refined and extremely detailed pieces which embody grace and distinction. With expertise and innovation, Boghossian enhances the gemstones’ beauty by playing with contrasts of colors, shapes, textures and depths. The key to their unique design is the gems’ association, which leads to powerful and enchanting creations.

High Jewellery Collections, Boghossian. Legends on pictures

The Kissing setting which consists of positioning one gem on top of another. The complexity remains in the elegant setting of the top stone, and in the gems’ balance: the top stone is not supposed to hide or waste the lower stone’s beauty. Obviously, this implies to have large stones for the support, in order to create a nice volume and give perspective.
This specific mounting allow great creativity in terms of gems’ combination: the opacity of the opal contrasts with the pure sapphire, the light mat chalcedony balances with the bright and colorful tourmaline, and so on.

Kissing Center Stones Collection, Boghossian. Legends on pictures

But Boghossian doesn’t stop here, challenging craftsmen, the Inlay setting is another string to their bow. This time, the stone is set inside another, creating a smooth and linear surface. The effect is sensational, the stones are blending and they seem to form only one gem. Pushing further, sometimes two or three inlays are created to maximize colors and textures. This setting is not without risk, carving the stones can weaken them and they may break when cutting.
Here again, the jeweler perfectly pick gems for their matching characteristics. Mother-of-pearl, wood, chalcedony, quartz and aquamarine, all precious stones are considered and fully appreciated. Furthermore, Boghossian is exploiting all kind of cuts, which supports originality and creativity: portrait, lozenge, cushion but also cabochon.

Inlay Center Stones Collection, Boghossian. Legends on pictures. 

Despite the important and colorful stones, I particularly appreciate the elegance, refinement and sensuality of Boghossian jewels. Each delicate piece tells a story and it is easy to get lost in their fascinating colors.

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