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Blooming Open Rings

18th February 2019

Lately jewelers are exploiting the new trend of the open rings. The particularity is that their band does not form a complete circle, which allow playing on the ends and offering different possibilities of creativity. This type of ring can also be adapted as a "double ring”, which mounting is more open and aims to embellish not one but two fingers.

For some reasons, this style is very much associated with the theme of flowers. Indeed, each renowned jewellery brand has its own iconic flower and they each play with it to offer feminine and delicate rings that aren’t fading. The jewel can present one flower or a whole bouquet, leaves and a spiky stem, but in every cases, these blooming rings will always be gracious, refined and with a great candid spirit.

Flower Open Rings. Legends and links on picture

Above, there are multiple examples from various brands, and we have to admit that some of them look very similar… The distinction remains in the gemstones used: malachite, turquoise and mother-of-pearl are quite appreciated. Most of the models exist in different version, different materials and type of gold, it seems that white and pink gold are the most common.


I personally chose the delicate rose of Monsieur Dior’s garden. I like the volume and the movement in the diamonds petals, I also find the band original with its curved line recalling of the flower’s stem. It doesn’t leave my finger since I got it!
It also exists in a more colorful version...

Rose Bagatelle Open Rings, Dior. Diamonds & White Gold.

Flower Open Rings. Legends on picture.

Brands and their iconic flower
Dior: Rose
Chanel: Camelia
Cartier: Orchid
Chaumet: Hortensia
Boucheron: Ivy
Van Cleef & Arpels: Lotus, Cigue (Socrate), Cosmos, Clover (Alhambra)
David Morris: Daisy
Louis Vuitton: Own Iconic Blossom Flowers

Somehow I am surprised Tiffany didn’t join the open ring competition with its Paper Flowers collection (yet)..

Each one has its favorite flower, which one is yours ?

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