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Italian Jewellers Running Baselworld

26th March 2019

Baselworld is the rendez-vous for discovering the finest but also most extravagant new watches and jewels from a large number of luxury crafts brands.

From Chopard to Chanel, Graff to Crivelli, Baselworld is welcoming big players as well as some niche brands with major potential in the market. It was with great pleasure to discover more than 25 Italian jewellers, mostly based in Valenza. Present to show off their creativity, these brands were largely leading the jewellery fair with their huge lounge stands and exquisite pieces’ displays.

Baselworld 2019

Crivelli shined bright at Baselworld this year. Their big stand with their numerous sparkling windows were at the first glance of all visitors. From yellow diamonds, emeralds and rubies, to pink, blue sapphires and paraiba tourmalines, all gemstones are gathered in these refined collections. The delicate creations are inspired by the blooming flowers, waterfall’ streams and asymmetrical gardens where lines are smooth and flexible.

The collections aims at modern and rather young women who affirm their contemporary tastes.

Adding to their 3 boutiques portfolio in Italy, Crivelli recently opened its new store in Milano (Via della Spiga 1), pushing its way up in the jewellery market.

Crivelli High Jewellery Collection.

Based in Valenza, Verdi was born in 1971 with the aim to offer innovative and powerful creations for women of the modern world. Verdi describes its creations as examples of sophisticated tastes and Italian crafts excellence, made with passion and expertise.

I would like to emphasize Verdi’s creations as I found them strangely closed to Cartier Calame collection. Made of turquoise and man-made coral, these art deco jewels brought exotism to the show. Work is focused on the volume and combinations of colorful stones. This collection is reinforcing their oreintation towards the Middle Eastearn and Asian customers.


Verdi Collection. 

Roberto Coin was unmissable at Baselword. The large booth was very inviting with its lounge and large display windows. It kind of felt like a yellow gold zoo where all species where made of colorful paved stones: diamond tigers, sapphire octopus, ruby spiders, grenat frogs and spinel parrots. The so-called Golden Kingdom collection is inspired by these main themes: The Savanna, The Forest, The Zodiacs, The Sea, The Jungle, The Desert, The Farm. Well, let’s be clear, it’s a total Noah’s Ark there! 

In a more accessible category, Roberto Coin launched the Princess collection, which seems very closed from another competitor’s creativity. Indeed, it looks pretty obvious that Bucellati’s Macri jewels got some real influence on Roberto Coin’s new creations. The yellow gold satiné effect and the bezel set diamonds are keys to this line.

Roberto Coin, Princess & Golden Kingdom Collections. 

A bit more discreet than its competitors, Busatti was nonetheless fascinating.

It’s all about flying butterflies, delicate flowers and gracious dragonflies. No major center stones but mainly a mounting of various colorful gemstones. Tahitian pearls and natural conches are also part of their offer with more classic pieces.

Busatti is also recognised for its use of titanium. The structural and colorful material gives strenght to its pieces and creates an industrial effect for a more modern style. A few facts about titanium: light weight, resistant to corrosion, very strong, hypoallergenic and it will never tarnished.

Chopard is another important competitor that starts to use it a lot in its high jewellery collection.


Busatti High Jewellery Collections. 

Another one from Valenza! This 40 years old Italian jeweller totally succeeds to immerse you in a fantasy atmosphere.

Palmiero’s world is like having a walk in a fairy-like garden. Peacocks are rulling together with swans among a wide variety of flowers. With a large and deep colorful heart, their carved white gold petals are pavé of diamonds and precious stones.

Looking around, you might as well discover sparkling mushrooms and shiny bubbles all covered of tiny brilliant cut gemstones.

Palmiero High Jewellery Collection. 

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