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Embellishing Your Back

5th March 2019

What is best than jewels to embellish your back? I find it even more exciting when a necklace is created such that it is as nice to see it from front as from back. I am personally in love with back cleavage dresses and adding sparkles under hair and behind the neck sounds amazing. So, go wear a backless dress and choose which one of these necklaces suit best.

Back Embellishing Necklaces. 

Chakra Necklace by Pasquale Bruni
The Italian jeweler known for its emotional creations, presents this delicate necklace with two faces.

The first one is a delicate floral collar made of brilliant cut diamonds, and the other is focusing on the important 16.68 carats pear-cut emerald drop. The creation seems to come from a couture workshop: the white gold structure looks like precious lace that supports the shining flowers. The design reflects a certain innocence and fragility despite the major green center stone which gives character to the piece.

back necklace collar pasquale bruni.jpeg
necklace emerald.jpg

Chakra Necklace, Pasquale Bruni. Emerald & Diamonds.

Retba Necklace by Cartier 
Cartier, always synonymous with creativity, unveiled the Retba necklace, part of the Résonnances High Jewellery Collection, in 2017. The convertibility of this double pendant aims to embellish both sides of your body. The considerable rubellite drop weights 91.15 carats and makes echo to the second 8.33 crats rubellite drop. The main pink stone is emphasized by a graphic pattern on one side, made of a brilliant cut diamonds grid. When turning the gemstone, the design is transformed into a mysterious abstract shadow.
The long diamonds chain allows the wearer to adjust the length of the necklace and creates asymmetry between the two stones.

necklace cartier retba.jpg

Retba Necklace, Cartier. Rubellites & Diamonds. 

Claudine Necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels
This is masterpiece gathering 42.07 carats of emerald-cut emeralds that are mounted symmetrically on a classical design necklace. Seven Colombian stones adorn the neck while two others are part of detachable pendants that can be worn as clips. This statement piece belongs to the Emeraude En Majesté Collection, revealed in 2016 that aims to magnify each emeralds’ intensity and structure. The back pendant is delicately dropping diamonds on the wearer’s spinal which adds drama and elegance.

vca jewellery emerald claudine necklace.
vca sketch back necklace emerald.jpg

Claudine Necklace, Van CLeef & Arpels. Emeralds & Diamonds. 

Cape de Lumière by Boucheron
My biggest crush: from the Porté Couture Collection, this astonishing necklace is aptly named. The structure of this cape is made of gold threads that beautifully draws feathers on the wearer’s shoulders. Furthermore, it is pave with brilliant cut diamonds. The large piece of jewel is linked in the front with a golden ring that suspends a 81.16 carats citrine. This an amazing example how jewellery adapts to other crafts and materials such as textile. The finesse and flexibility of the piece is clearly a milestone.

Cape de Lumière, Boucheron. Citrine, Diamonds & Yellow Gold.

Extremely Piaget Necklace by Piaget
Emeralds again!

This unconventional necklace is inspired by feathers and floral patterns. The 84 marquise and 160 brilliant-cut diamonds spread sparkling wings on the three pear-cut emeralds’ corners. The 15.57 carats green stones are mounted on a white gold structure which lets a long diamond chain balances in the back.

extremely emerald piaget necklace.png

Extremely Piaget Necklace, Piaget. Emeralds & Diamonds.

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