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Anna Hu,

The Lyrical Jeweller

10th October 2019

Anna Hu is a musician and contemporary jeweller. With her Chinese and American origins, she was raised being conscious of the culture diversity and the various influences in art. Her parents were gemstones dealers so Anna was already immersed in the jewellery industry and got to know stones and precious materials from early age. 

She developped a passion for music and especially for playing the cello which she was entirely dedicated. She trained so much that she injured herself at the age of 21 and had to forget her musical professional career. She pursued her love for symphonies through jewelry as she associated each musical note to a specific gemstone and thus, she was composing and pursuing her lyrical dreams.

Anna Hu's Jewelry.

In 1997, she started studying gemology at the Gemmology Insitute of America, then followed a jewellery design course at the Fashion Institute of Technology and finally graduated at Parsons School of Design. Anna Hu was then hired by Christie’s, worked for Van Cleef & Arpels and Harry Winston. In 2007, she launched her own business in New York and just a few years later her jewels were already sold for millions at the auctions.

Anna Hu bis.jpg

“I could see the possibility of jewels composed in the same way as a symphony or opera”

- Anna Hu

Anna Hu


This perfectionnist artist always looks for creating something that has never been done before, something original and distinctive with lots of character.

Her jewels are born from a balance of Asian and Western influences combined with nature and symphonies. Harmonious butteflies, romantic birds and blooming flowers, all her designs are recalling the light movement of a transporting melody. She also takes inspirations from masterpieces of major artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet. Her creations are defined by strong colors, joy and refinement.

Anna Hu brings various gemstones and materials together, carefully selected, to create unique pieces. Her creativity process starts by choosing the right stones and then designing the jewels around them. Conch pearls, yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, jadeite and paraiba tourmalines, they all match to create a contrast of texture, color and light.

Côte d’Azur Brooch, Anna Hu

58.29 cts Cushion Cut Burmese Sapphire

During last Sotheby’s auctions in Hong Kong, October 2019, five major jewels from Anna Hu were highlighted. Her work was emphasized with a dedicated interview in which the artist expresses her inspirations and links to music.

Ellington earrings are representing surrealist curved piano keyboards. Appassionata ring was inspired by Bethooven’s music, Hu’s musician idol. Cello brooch recalls the instrument and the clef symbol. Blue Magpie brooch shows two birds singing around an egg, symbol of creativity and life. Dunhuang Pipa was the star of the sale with its impressive 10.02 carats fancy intense yellow diamond. This jewel is a very complex and sophisticated necklace: the pendant can be worn as a brooch, and some parts of the necklace are transformable into earrings. Furthermore, the curves were challenging to produce as they needed to fit perfectly to the wearer’s neck.

Anna Hu's Creations Presented at Sotheby's Auctions Sales in October 2019 in Hong Kong. Legends on pictures. 

Anna Hu’s fame was boosted by the sale of a necklace to Madonna. Following this, many international celebrities fell in love with her one-of-a-kind creations. Anna Hu is aiming at beautiful and powerful women to represent her jewels and is proud to see them worn on Red Carpets and major events around the world.

You can discover Anna Hu’s beautiful creations in her dedicated salesrooms at New York’s Plaza Hotel, at Ritz in Paris, at Four Seasons in Hong Kong, in Shanghai and at Taipei’s Mandarin Oriental.

Anna Hu is considered as part of the top independent Asian jewelers, aligned with Cindy Chao and Wallace Chan.

Celebrities Wearing Anna Hu's Jewels. Legends on pictures.

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